Album 4: Celebrating Dad's Life


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Spreading Dad's ashes in Boulder Creek at a special spot in Boulder Canyon near Mom and Grandpa Smysor



Rest in peace Dad.  Your legacy will live on and you will always be remembered.



Steve and Debbie standing in front of the family memorial rock at Boulder Cemetary



Steve, Debbie, and I standing in front of the family grave stone at Boulder Cemetary



There's our names on the family grave site.



Grandma and Grandpa Norris



Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Norris



Uncle Verlin and Aunt Evelyn Norris




Dad's photo from his High School Yearbook (1958)


Dad's photo when he became a father in 1962


Dad's photo when he turned 50 in 1992


Dad's photo at his last birthday when he turned 73 in 2013



Click Here For Verlin Norris Online Memorial, Photos, Video, and Guestbook






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